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Media proposal and result estimation
for all types of campaign objective and target

Strategy modeling for video ad channels

Main Services


    performance estimation for various TV/DGT budget share scenarios


    assessment of online video channels in accordance with the digital KPI


    result estimation for various channel mix variations


    budget share recommendation between screens & channels for maximum reach

Key Strengths

  • Only solution of its kind in Korea, utilizing official raw data provided by major media publishers
  • Reliable estimation based on Korea's biggest database which combines actual campaign data and external data
  • Flexible modeling feature combining server data and Nielsen’s panel data
  • Customized solution for each client's needs

Integrated media information providing solution

Main Services

  • Search for media information on each purpose with specific details customization

  • Search for performance data on main media by specific conditions

  • Media recommendations curated with timely theme or detailed features

Key Strengths

  • Accurate data from major medias API integration such as Google Ads and Facebook
  • Integrated media information providing solution for differentiated media planning
  • Quick search on media information available to check which is suitable for each campaign KPI with simple search on specific conditions
  • Efficient media planning available based on main media’s seasonality/category trends

Only strategic IPTV advertisement planning solution in Korea

Main Services

  • Reach Plan

    Provides gross rating point assumptions for various budgets, periods, and targets

  • Budget Plan

    Budget proposal for achieving KPI

  • GRP Report

    Individual IPTV GRP assessment based on Olleh TV viewing data

Key Strengths

  • Algorithm developed by Nasmedia provides accurate and reliable IPTV solution supporting campaign strategy
  • AD execution guideline based on data and performance estimation for each budget range
  • Integrated advertisement analysis covering all 3 IPTV service providers in Korea and estimated impression for individual target

Side walk bus shelther proposal modeling tool

Main Services

  • Real-time inventory status and info check

  • Can target specific inventories through category search

  • Generates a proposal that explains the inventories and show their locations

Key Strengths

  • The first ever location-based bus shelter ad proposal tool
  • Real-time inventory check with its booking system
  • Info on the location and surrounding of the inventory are all categorized in the system, making it easier to select inventories that suit the campaign's KPI