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NO.1 Digital marketing company
Integrated media planning
Ad tech platform business, Global marketing

Nasmedia is No.1 digital marketing platform company providing data and tech basis marketing solutions

Nasmedia provides integrated media planning services including online and mobile ads, digital broadcasting ads, digital OOH ads. We are leading digital advertising market in various fields by executing tens of thousands of advertising campaigns annually and securing capabilities in integrated media planning, campaign operation, and data management.

Nasmedia has become a digital marketing platform company to satisfy the needs of digital market and clients. We are enhancing our competitiveness in data and tech fields by building our own integrated data platform(DMP) through AI technology cooperation with KT and expanding the business scope in digital marketing fields to data basis commerce business and programmatic TV ads.

Nasmedia is No.1 digital marketing platform company, and we provide optimal digital marketing solutions and the best performances.

Nasmedia has been developed by challenging new goals
in rapidly changing digital environment.
Nasmedia is reborn as No.1 digital marketing platform company.
We will provide you with the best digital marketing solutions.


  • Corporate name

    Nasmedia Co.,Ltd

  • CEO

    Park, Pyoung Kwon

  • Foundation Date


  • Address

    [06253] 3,4,5F Samil Plaza Bldg, 14, Dogok-ro 1gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • Main Services
    • Digital Ad Media Planning
    • Digital Broadcasting & DOOH Ad Products Sales
    • AdTech Related Solution Development
    • Ad Effect Research & Data-based Consulting
    • Digital Ad Market Analysis & Reporting
    • Big data-based Commerce Solution Platform