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Nasmedia has become the first company in Korea to obtain TAG's Brand Safety Seal (Global).
We actively address the demand for transparency in digital media and apply the Brand Safety Certified guidelines supported by external audits to ensure that advertisers can trade with confidence.

  • 1. Brand Safety Policy

    The Brand Safety Policy refers to the process implemented by Nasmedia to ensure the safety of all customers' brands, including taking all reasonable measures to minimize advertising risks. Nasmedia implements both manual processes such as inclusion and exclusion blocking lists and automated processes such as AI detection lists. Nasmedia also cooperates with media partners to minimize and block inappropriate advertising inventory.

  • 2. Ad Misplacement Policy

    Nasmedia strives to minimize the risk of Ad Misplacement. Firstly, the campaign manager utilizes both a manual process using inclusion and exclusion blocking lists to judge Brand Safety, as well as an automated process such as AI detection lists to measure Brand Safety and Malicious levels for PC, Mobile web, and Mobile app, and creates inclusion and exclusion blocking lists for ad-serving media, which identifies inappropriate topics or language used in the media through Nasmedia's own AI technology. These lists are periodically updated, which may result in additions or deletions. Secondly, each campaign manager may instruct periodic investigations into Anti-Piracy, and media confirmed to contain illegal content is subject to Anti-Piracy inclusion and exclusion rules. These lists are periodically updated, which may result in additions or deletions. Media on the exclusion list is prohibited from advertising monetization, and media containing these topics is managed as a sales prohibition list. Thirdly, Nasmedia discontinues advertising execution for media that violates Brand Safety and Anti-Piracy through periodic internal monitoring, according to the '3. Nasmedia Ad Takedown Procedure'.The criteria for the exclusion list in Brand Safety are as follows:

    a. 11 sensitive topic content categories in version 2.2 of the IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy

    • 1. Adult & Explicit Sexual Content

    • 2. Arms & Ammunition

    • 3. Crime & Harmful Acts to Individuals and Society and Human Right Violations

    • 4. Death Injury, or Military Conflict

    • 5. Online Piracy

    • 6. Hate Speech & Acts of Aggression

    • 7. Obscenity and Profanity

    • 8. Illegal Drugs/Tobacco/E-Cigarettes/Vaping/Alcohol

    • 9. Spam or Harmful Content

    • 10. Terrorism

    • 11. Sensitive Social Issues

    b. Other media that deals with malicious programs such as spyware, malware, promotes illegal activities, deals with topics of intense social conflict, publishes extreme violence or religious and political opinions, or harms social values and evaluations and public morals will not be accepted.

  • 3. Nasmedia Ad Takedown Procedure

    If Nasmedia discovers inappropriate ads or ads that are deemed inappropriate for the inventory (page) where they are displayed, or if concerns are raised by Nasmedia's customers or partners, or if concerns are raised by consumers, regulatory agencies, or others, Nasmedia will make all reasonable efforts to remove such ads or ad placements.

    If it is within Nasmedia's control, it will handle it independently, but if it is not within its control, it will contact its partners to handle it. Nasmedia will take action as soon as possible, but in any case, it will take action within a minimum of 96 business hours.

    Nasmedia enforces this policy on a case-by-case basis, based on its sole discretion and interpretation, considering the severity and impact of incorrect placements. If this policy is violated repeatedly, Nasmedia reserves the right to terminate the relationship with its customers or partners in accordance with the contractual conditions between Nasmedia and its customers or partners.

    If you have any inquiries or wish to report incorrect placements, please contact the Nasmedia Compliance Officer.

    This policy may be modified by Nasmedia at any time if it is deemed necessary to reflect Nasmedia's processes or to prevent inappropriate ads from being displayed or provided in the inventory.