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Campaign data accumulation and consolidated management

Consolidated campaign management solution

Main Services

  • Client/Brand campaign's performance analysis based on actual campaign data

  • Easy view of the analysis through customized dashboard for each client

  • Various reports and publication on the digital media market from Nasmedia's archive

Key Strengths

  • Performance analysis for different budget/media/period by data collection, analysis and visualization
  • Different access setting for each user to control data access
  • Customizable data organization and visualization

IPTV campaign management solution

Main Services

  • Campaign status

    Allows clients to check their campaign information including cue sheet and reports

  • About Olleh TV

    Provides IPTV user profile and monthly VOD charts

  • Archive

    Provides broadcasting AD trends including IPTV industry, plus latest media trends

Key Strengths

  • IPTV campaign status and reports available on client's own account
  • Audience data, e.g. VOD viewing record and pattern available on IAM
  • Latest media trends including broadcasting AD trends and IPTV sales guide provided