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Campaign data accumulation and consolidated management

Integrated marketing intelligence tools

Main Services

  • Reporting dashboard provided for marketing and advertising campaign data management

  • Benchmark solutions to check on digital advertising campaign trends

  • Performance analysis service provided to achieve marketing and media KPIs

Key Strengths

  • Load and manage data and explore data insights through dynamic view system
  • Detailed media and product performance data offered based on Nasmedia campaign execution reports
  • Optimal media mix can be provided with various data and advanced modeling

Integrated management solution for Brand Search reporting

Main Services

  • Automatic reporting for Naver's Brand Search campaigns

  • Analysis for ad spend, keyword and click performance for each brand campaign

  • Campaign-related intel such as creatives, operation issues, and more

Key Strengths

  • Automated reporting provided through Excel
  • Campaign status and trend monitoring through data analysis for each client and brand
  • Consolidated or separate brand management with account and access setting