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Expert consulting service across
all data-driven marketing platform

Google Marketing Platform

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  • Google Marketing Platform
    Certified Partner

    As a certified company with the expertise and capabilities of the Google Marketing Platform, we provide integrated consulting services to meet the client’s diverse business needs

  • In-house experts for Google Analytics,
    Tag Manager, Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager 360

    Certified experts for 4 main areas:
    Google Marketing Platform log analysis, tag management, ads transmission and measurement, and media buying platform

  • Systematic support to our clients who choose or use Google Marketing Platform

    We share our advanced level of platform knowledge by offering education sessions and operation/technical support

Analytics Tool

  • Education and Consulting

    Education on concept and utility
    of Analytics

  • Support for platform setting and operation

    Support for initial setting,
    integration guide,
    tag insertion, etc.

  • Campaign operation and analysis

    Support remarketing efforts,
    and collect insight through
    data analysis

Key Strengths
  • Dedicated support team in Nasmedia
  • First media representative agency to achieve certifications for GA/GTM product
  • Already handled approx. 1,800 cases of education, consulting, platform setting and data analysis for clients
  • Support media performance analysis reports based on data-driven marketing KPIs
  • Capability to run data analysis for GA4+FA combined, based on Google Analytics expertise
  • Stabile multi-tag management support with sGTM(Server Google Tag Manager)
  • Support Big Query interlocking/data analytics based on GA data GCP

MMP(Mobile Measurement Partner)

Service provided
  • Appsflyer/Adjust/Branch etc.
    Mobile app(AOS/IOS) campaign consulting and platform operating supports are available.